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Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. When walking around you will be living its history and culture due to the historical details that are still there.

You will find a city spread across 7 hills, all of them with an open view to the Tagus river with the sun shining almost all year round.

Lisbon is the ideal city to get the best of both worlds, work and pleasure! In Lisbon you will find very well equipped venues, different types of high quality service hotels and special venues for social events.

Lisbon has great flight connections from any European capital, competitive prices, especially when considering quality of service and excellent cuisine and culture. Those are the best reasons to accept our invitation to organize your next event in Lisbon!


Porto is one of the oldest cities in Portugal which makes it very picturesque. It is a real unique experience to walk through its streets feelling the city. You can take the tram to the mouth of the river Douro and get to know the excellent beaches and the outdoor cafés, visit admiring churches and monuments and encounter the non-conformist modernism of the new contemporary buildings of architects like Siza Vieira, Souto Moura or Rem Koolhaas.

In Porto and in the North of Portugal you have the ideal conditions to host events in emblematic and well-equipped buildings. To host international congresses and conferences you can choose congress centres of various competencies and different types of hotels: chain, charm, design or trendy. For a social event of more creative matter, it is also the ideal destination due to the huge variety of available gala venues: castles, manor houses, palaces, restaurants, beach bars, casinos, museums and a lot more!

In Porto and in the North of Portugal, it is always possible to transform any situation into an event and make it unforgettable.

Cascais, Estoril & Sintra

Located just 30 km far from Lisbon this area has the Atlantic Ocean in the south and west.

This area goes from the Tagus River until Cabo da Roca, an impressive site considered the most western point of continental Europe.

Travelling in the opposite way of the Sea you will find the majestic Serra de Sintra, classified by UNESCO as "Cultural Landscape Heritage Site". Serra de Sintra has a romantic veil over Sintra village which is unique due to its climate, landscape and culture.

One of the most impressive characteristic of this area is the proximity of the ocean with the mountains making it an amazing and unique place.

Besides all the natural beauty, the heritage sites and the cultural and sportive events, this regions has a set of structures able to host different kind of activities and promote a variety of events.

The huge experience in the organization of national and international events helps recognizing the quality of the venues and hotels with modern equipment, always with the best professionals available.


Algarve is a large and nice region with Mediterranean climate.

One of the best ways to get to know Algarve is walking through its streets, alleys and little stairs. Walk along the coast and find the most beautiful beaches in Europe where you can see the amazing and enormous rocks and its shadows on the sand.

Besides the landscape, the traditional cuisine is a must try. Most of the recipes include fresh fish and sea food coming directly from the fisherman boat to your plate.

Algarve is also a very good option to host your meetings and incentives. With a nice environment and great and modern venues, Algarve is ideal for your prodessional meetings, being already a reference in this field.

Algarve has good flight connections, high quality service hotels and is already considered the south capital for business meetings in Portugal.

There's also lots of options in terms of activities and entertainment which is also a very important detail when organizing your event.


In Alentejo you travel with and through history due to the numerous Heritage sites in Alentejo. In each corner you will find a castle, a fortress or a fortified village. The convents are also part of Alentejo and most of the structures were kept and adapted to nowadays buildings.

In Alentejo you will discover one of the strongest and well-kept Portuguese culture and gastronomy.

For your meetings Alentejo has completely different venues but very special ones. Social events can be organized in castles, fortress, convents...

Center of Portugal

In the Center of Portugal you will be able to find Fairy Tale Villages and each one of them gave its contribute to the Portuguese history.

When visiting the Center of Portugal you will discover numerous and fantastic World Heritage Sites classified by UNESCO.

The landscapes in the Center of Portugal are absolutely unique, places where the time seems to have stopped, where you will find smiley people and ecosystems that cannot be found anywhere else.

To host your events in the Center of Portugal you have different options that will make a difference and make your event unforgettable to your participants.


Madeira is much more than a simple Island, is a mystical place, full of tranquility. A place where you can discover nature.

Madeira is made of contrasts between the deep ocean and the high mountains, the sun and the snow, the blue of the ocean and the colors of the flowers.

Located about 1000 km far from the Portuguese capital, Madeira has good flight connections, which makes it an ideal location for different meeting, conferences and congresses.

After a long day of work there’s many activities that you can do and taste the typical cuisine will make you love the Island.


The Azores is an archipelago of 9 volcanic islands, all of them located in the Atlantic North.

The Azores region is “surrounded of nature” and this feature makes the Azores a unique natural heritage site. This is an ideal region for nature tourism both on land and at sea.

Some of the activities that are special in this region are volcanic activities, thermal activities, walking trails through stunning natural landscapes, diving and amazing golf courses overlooking the sea and the mountain.

Azores is also a place where your events will get a different shape and will with no doubt be unique and connected to the nature that surrounds you.

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