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Portuguese beach restaurant among the best of the world

Portuguese beach restaurant among the best of the world

The Condé Nast, magazine editor of Traveler, asked its readers to choose the best bars/beach restaurants of the world. At the end they made a list of eight of the best bars/ restaurants around the world, including the Portuguese restaurant, which is the first that appear in the list.

The Salt restaurant, on the beach of Pego, in Comporta was considered one of the best bar/ beach restaurant of the world by the readers. Readers rated the restaurant based on the fresh fish, the steak and the sangria which are typical in Portugal, especially at this time of the year.

The Condé Nast highlights a phrase from one of the readers who chose the Portuguese space: "Paradise in Alentejo".

In addition to several bars and restaurants in the US, there is also one in Tanzania, one in Australia and one in St. Kitts.

Salt Restaurant is a restaurant with simple and relaxed atmosphere on the beach of Pego, Comporta. The restaurant allows you to also hold corporate events, incentives or private events such as wedding parties or birthdays up to 300 people.

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